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There are many different types of anxiety disorders, and general anxiety disorder symptoms may be present in them all. These symptoms include; rapid heartbeat (heart palpitations), excessive trembling and sweating, nausea and dizziness, chest pains and headaches, weakness in the limbs and muscle tension. However, there are also additional symptoms which may be experienced for specific anxiety disorders.
Published by Jan Reid 58 months ago in Health Conditions | +3 votes | 0 comments
Generalised anxiety disorder is a condition which can rob a person of their quality of life, affecting personal relationships, careers and normal social functioning. It can take a person considerable courage to both, accept they may have generalised anxiety disorder, and actively seek professional help. However, by seeking help, many people with generalised anxiety disorder receive beneficial treatment and learn how to overcome or manage it, greatly improving their quality of life.
Published by Jan Reid 58 months ago in Health Conditions | +2 votes | 0 comments
Magnesium is an essential mineral necessary for optimal health, and deficiency can result in numerous health conditions. Many people reach for magnesium supplements when they realise its inclusion in their diet is inadequate or magnesium deficiency symptoms appear. However, one side effect of magnesium supplements (in capsule, tablet, powder, liquid or granule form) is bowel irritation, and it can be a deterrent in continuing with a magnesium supplement. But, there is an alternative. Unlike magn...
Published by Jan Reid 58 months ago in Natural & Herbal Remedies | +2 votes | 0 comments
When it comes to vitamins and minerals, magnesium is perhaps one not often discussed. However, magnesium is an essential mineral which enhances approximately 300 enzyme-related processes in the body. As one of the most versatile minerals, it is involved in energy production, nerve function, muscle relaxation, and bone and tooth formation. Like all the vitamins and minerals required for optimal health, magnesium plays an equally important role.
Published by Jan Reid 58 months ago in Heart & Cardiovascular Health | +1 votes | 0 comments
All vegetables are good for you, but some do more than others to keep you healthy. The following 10 superstar vegetables contain macronutrients for fuel, micronutrients for growth and phytochemicals (non-nutritive plant chemicals containing protective or disease preventative properties), for long-term, optimum, health. They are credited with not only in preventing, but also fighting, many forms of cancer.
Published by Jan Reid 58 months ago in Healthy Living | +3 votes | 0 comments
Sea kelp is the richest known source of natural (organic) iodine, which is vital for the prevention of iodine deficiencies. It has also numerous additional health benefits. However, it took the ill health of one women, and a desire for a fresh nutritious product, before Golden Kelp Meal was to become available to Australians and many other countries around the world.
Published by Jan Reid 64 months ago in Healthy Living | +2 votes | 3 comments
One of the world's few 'superfoods', Spirulina is the richest whole food source found in nature. This highly nutritious green food, grown ecologically without chemicals, can be consumed in many ways as part of a regular diet to maintain optimum health and also as a way to manage weight loss.It is also highly recommended for vegetarians as several of the nutritional components of Spirulina are often difficult to obtain from a regular vegetarian diet.
Published by Jan Reid 65 months ago in Healthy Living | +4 votes | 5 comments
The Fortune Frog is one of the most well-known and auspicious money-making symbols in Feng Shui. It is also why this lucky object is so popular in many homes and businesses.
Published by Jan Reid 68 months ago in Chinese Culture | +8 votes | 4 comments
There is a breed of horses in Australia renowned for their toughness and endurance. They were the chosen horse for stockmen, bush rangers, troopers and early explorers, but also highly prized in war.
Published by Jan Reid 68 months ago in History | +6 votes | 6 comments
World War I was a turning point for the horse on the battlefield. It was also a time when a horse in war suffered greatly due to modern warfare.
Published by Jan Reid 68 months ago in History | +7 votes | 8 comments
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